Written by: Admin_SheEvo

If you come from a conservative community and country like I do. Then the idea of sexual pleasure, especially for women, has always been on the down low. From the lack of open discussions around it to the lack of information. And as someone who only discovered sexual pleasure later in life. I can say for sure that my background has had an influence on how I go about exploring my sexual self, and how it relates to others. It has taken me years of therapy, talking , learning and exploring to finally accept and even want to enjoy my sexual side.

And whilst this idea of a young woman being sexually liberated may still be taboo. It should not be. Especially when it is done in a safe way. Which is why I was both stunned and relieved when I started to talk to my more open minded girlfriends. One thing they all said (we are in our early 3o’s now se we talk about everything), is that the best thing they have ever gotten themselves. Or been gifted has been a vibrator. Now before you shake your head in disbelief, heres why I am all for it. For generations so many young women like myself are not taught to love our bodies. To explore and expend our sexual knowledge. So much so that when we do finally have sex, it is only to please the opposite sex or our partners, but not ourselves.

This not only creates an issue in how we view sex, but also what sex feels like.  Which is why self exploration is so important. And whilst there is no one way to do it, a common way is through masturbation. Since I’ve started to explore my own body, sensuality and sexuality. I have started to know what I like. What feels good and what feels comfortable. Which in turn has meant that my sex life has become better. So whether you chose to let your fingers do all the work, or use a toy. I would recommend spending time getting to know yourself sexually. If anything it is the safest and possibly the most fun you can have.



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