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With the likelihood of my husband and I spending our birthdays in quarantine for the second time in a row. I have been thinking a lot about ways to make our upcoming birthdays special. Whilst the options are limited given quarantine and limited movement. I do know that I unlike the first lockdown given how unprepared I was. This year I want to make things a lot more special and meaningful. Even if it is just for the two of us. So I thought I’d research some quarantine birthday ideas and share them with you guys. After all, we are all in this together.

  • Create an at home spa experience by running your loved one or friend a hit bath with epsom salts and essential oils. Offer them a massage and be sure to follow all the spa like rituals like making infused water.
  • Throw a virtual birthday party by inviting your loved ones friends and family online for a birthday celebration. If you are into it ask everyone to dress up or have a drink in hand for the festivities.
  • Have a movie marathon complete with movie snacks, treats and drinks.
  • Organize an at home slumber party or camp by moving your mattress to the floor of your living room and support your local restaurant by ordering out.
  • Organize a wine or cocktail tasting.

What are some ways you are celebrating your or your loved ones birthday during these difficult time.



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