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As a serial procrastinator. I can tell you first hand that when it comes to staying focused or on track, I find it difficult. With so many moving parts in my day from taking care of my daughter, to cleaning the house, cooking, doing laundry and so much more. The time to actually sit down and work seems limited if not non existent. Which is why I’ve started to come up with small strategies I like to use to help keep me motivated and on track with my work. Whilst these won’t work for everyone, they are worthy trying. Especially if you find yourself pulled a million different directions.

  1. Set a timer: One of the ways I like to work nowadays is by setting myself a timer. This helps to ensure that I know for a given period of time I will have to work. Like I said I tend to get distracted easily so I like to set my timer for 20 minutes at a time. This is usually enough time to write and/or edit an article.
  2. Find what times work best for you: I’ll be the first to admit that my focus tends to go out the window come lunch time. Which is why I like to schedule my sit down work sessions for early mornings or late afternoons. This ensures that I can use the time in-between for meetings, housework or other more fun things.
  3. Put on some music: There is nothing more soothing than having some jazz or indie playing in the background whilst I work. Depending on the work however, I sometimes like to switch up my playlist and include more upbeat music like hip hop or r&b. Especially when I need that extra push.
  4. Find a dedicated work station: The pull to work on a couch has never been stronger. And in the winter months when the weather is too much, I am also often tempted to work from bed. But what I have found is that whilst it may be super comfortable. It is not always the most inspiring place to work or where I am most productive.
  5. Have a glass of water handy: As a non coffee drinker. Ensuring that I have a glass of water at arms length is a great way to keep my motivation going. Especially when I start to get tired as I find that a sip or two of water wakes me up. It is not only healthy but also refreshing. And will help reduce the number of trips to the kitchen.
  6. Plan ahead: Whilst some weeks my plans can get derailed. I find that having a plan in place for my week helps me keep up with what I need to do. From home stuff to work projects and deadlines. This is a great way to also see what needs my immediate attention. And what I can put on the back burner.

What are some tips or tools you use to help keep you focused and on track?




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