Written by: Admin_SheEvo

As I write this, France is officially in its third lockdown. With the change of season, I was looking forward to working out outside and in parks more. But given the new restrictions it all seems a little impossible for now. Which is why I have had to get a bit creative about how to move my body and stay active when forced to stay inside.

  1. Switch up your online workouts: For most of COVID, I have been relying heavily on the training app, FIT ON for my workout needs. As a result I am getting a little tired and bored of it. Which is why I have been looking into other workout apps. If there is one great thing that came out of COVID is how many online and app based workouts they are. From Nike training, to Melissa Wood Health, the choices are endless.
  2. Change your scenery: Whilst actually changing up my scenery is a no go for now. I have found that even working out in different parts of our apartment helps to make me feel like I am somewhere new. From our bedroom, to the hallway and even the dining room. Finding new places to workout has been a welcome distraction and a way to keep things interesting.
  3. Get the family involved: My husband and I have never really liked the same workouts. Whilst he enjoys more sports based workouts. I am more drawn to interval and strength trainings. However with both us working from home, we have had to reach a compromise of sorts and also push each other by working out together. This helps keep workouts more fun and a bit competitive.
  4. Incorporate play: Incorporating play into my workouts has been God send. By play I mean doing things like hoola hooping, and jumping rope. Not only are they fun activities. But they also help take your mind off of actually working out. Therefore if you are lucky enough to have a garden or even space in your home, invest in a trampoline to get your heart rate up and your muscles moving.
  5. Enjoy your outdoors: On the topic of outdoors, ensuring you utilize your outdoor space is a must. No matter how big or small, working out outside can help boost your mood and overall health.



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