Written by: Admin_SheEvo

Over the past few months, we at She Evolves have been looking at how we can step up our game, add more value and share more with you our loyal readers. One idea that kept coming up was amplifying women’s voices. Women like you, our friends, family, mothers, aunts, coworkers etc. It is after all the foundation onto which She Evolves was built. And so when it came down to it, the only logical thing was for us to bring our conversations that we usually have as a team to you. On your smart phones, tablets and laptops. Frank conversations about issues we all face as women. And especially women of color.

And so “In her own words” was born. A guided conversation with psychologist and She Evolves friend and Natasha Naggan. “In her own words” hopes to amplify in real time issues, thoughts and ideas often left unsaid. It is a safe space. A space to learn and grow together. But also get information and answers to questions. But at the core of it “In her own words” is a microphone for us all. A space to amplify the voices of women around the globe who are often left out of the conversation. To say that YOU ARE NOT ALONE, YOU ARE NOT UNWORTHY and YOU ARE HEARD and SEEN.

So as we prepare to launch our series in the coming weeks, date to be confirmed. I hope you find the discussions informative, enlightening and of worth. And as always if we miss the mark or speak to you in any way, please contact us and feel to engage with us on our social media pages or on here on our website. And know that even if it may take us some time to get back to you. Your voice and your opinion matters to us. And we are always open to any and all comments that serve to move our community and understanding forward.



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