Written by: Admin_SheEvo

It seems not too long ago, when your fitness level was measured by how many high powered machines you had access to. That was of course until COVID 19 hit the world and gyms around the world closed down in quick succession. As countries chose to close gym deeming them high risk environments for COVID spread. The health and wellness space had to take a step back and change a few things.

What started was a serge of at home workouts provided over various social media platforms. Followed by apps and workout programs that anyone anywhere could subscribe to and follow. What all these things had in common was the minimum amount of equipment needed. No longer did you need a treadmill, various weight machines to reach your peak fitness. Instead dumbbell, resistance band and kettle bell became all you needed for a full body workout. As someone who had recently signed out of gym but still looking for a way to get they benefits of a full gym workout. This pulling back was a welcome change for my wallet, but also my space.

As someone who lives in a small apartment, I didn’t have the luxury of having a variety of workout equipment at my disposal. Not to mention the money to buy it all. So instead, as the fitness videos and workouts relied less and less on these things that sometimes felt like barriers. More and more of us felt like we could actually partake in the health and wellness space. Even now as the promise of things getting back to a new normal. I am excited to continue on my less is more approach on fitness equipment.



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