Written by: Admin_SheEvo

The work week can be hard to navigate when it feels like you have a never ending to do list. Which is why over the years I have come to rely on various apps and tools to help me manage better. This is one way I can keep track of what I can expect on any given week, but also help me get through my to do list faster. Whilst I al not one to follow these to a T every single day. When I do I notice the spike in productivity and overall calmness from knowing I am achieving all my goals. The secret I have found is consistency and also being realistic. If you are not on your computer savvy or on your computer every single day, then these apps may not work for you. But having and keeping a diary or post its might. What ever the case, find a system that works with you not against you and I promise your work weeks will be better for it.

  1. Online calendar: As an editor of an online magazine, mother and entrepreneur. It can can sometimes feel impossible to fit in everything I do in one day. Which is why when possible, I like to schedule my days to the minute. As a morning and evening person. I make sure to schedule hard to do tasks for early mornings or late afternoon’s when my energy levels are high. Midday is when I run errands, do house stuff and even prep meals for the night and schedule meetings
  2. Stopwatch: This is another non app application I like to rely on. With so little time in a day, I love to set a time limit for everything that I do. From writing articles to writing errands. This helps me stay on time for events, meetings and deadlines, but also helps give me a glimpse of how I am doing. For instance, as someone who can and often writes every single day. I know that an article takes me about 20 minutes to write or edit. Any longer and either my focus is off, or I am not that motivated. When the latter happens I like to move on to another task or time time off to do something else.
  3. Google drive: As we have started filming our In her own words videos. I often find the videos too big to send via email which is when google drive comes in handy. Not only is it free. But is can also run in the background whilst I work on something else.
  4. Evernote: Between meetings, -grocery lists and things to get for my daughter, sometimes (ok often) I forget things. Which is when evernote comes in handy. I can jot down notes, lists and even meeting notes on the go and compartmentalize everything.



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