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I always like to say that working out and “living healthy” is not always a linear path. As someone who enjoys a good sweat session, as well as eating well. I can tell you that some days and even weeks, I am less concerned by these things than I am by the idea of being happy. With that in mind however, I wanted to share some ways I like to plan my workouts. Whilst these are in no way set in stone. They do help to ensure that I workout my whole body instead of one part.

  • Saturday & Sunday: Active recovery – On weekends I like to focus less on doing targeted or planned workouts.  Instead I like to take walks in our neighborhood. Stretch and just take care of myself WHILST ensuring I move even if it is for 10 minutes to go get a coffee around the corner.
  • Monday: Light cardio + Leg day –  Mondays are great for doing leg days as I can rest my legs (and thighs) the rest of the week as I work from my computer. I also like that like most people, leg focused workouts inspire me to workout the next day and the day after that. Along with my leg day workouts I like to add in a light cardio session. This can be skipping, running or even just some jumping jacks to get me sweating.
  • Tuesday: Yoga or Pilates – After a tough Monday workout, my Tuesdays I mainly for doing some yoga or pilates.  But don’t be fooled, whilst these workouts may seem easy, they can in fact be demanding on the body depending on the intensity level you choose.
  • Wednesday: Light cardio + abs – Once a week i like to focus on ab based workouts that help torch my midsection. The great thing about these is that most abs workouts for me anyways also include a bit of back workouts. And as always I like to mix in a bit of cardio as well.
  • Thursday: Freestyle – Thursdays are what i like to call my freestyle days. If I am up to it I will do an intense high interval workout, or if I am feeling run down, I opt for some yoga or meditation. Sometimes even a little dance session is in order to get my heart rate up and move my body.
  • Friday: Arms + back – Fridays are the best for moving my arms and back muscles. Again depending on my mood I might throw in some cardio. The most important thing to note however is that throughout my week I am making sure I hit all the major muscle groups.

Irregardless of how you chose to use this schedule. The most important thing is to listen to your body and not do workouts that hurt you in any way. If they do, consult a DR or trainer to ensure you are doing certain moves correctly. Also ensure that you are getting plenty of rest and water to help your body recover. And remember that even just a walk counts as a workout.



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