Written by: Admin_SheEvo

A few days ago, I was talking to a friend when she confessed that she had a crush on her boss. And whilst crushes are normal and part of life. It had me thinking, what happens when you have inappropriate love interests? What is inappropriate you may ask? Well depending on your own moral code, what is and is not appropriate really depends. For me however, inappropriate love interests include bosses, married individuals, a someone else’s boyfriend, partner or husband to name a few. And whilst there are some exceptions to the rule. I have always tried to maintain clear boundaries with people I deemed inappropriate to crush on. In part because I feel like when I have a crush on someone, knowingly or unknowingly, my behavior may in itself start to be inappropriate. And my motives can get a bit blurry.

Which is why I try to draw a strict line. In the case that feelings for someone do occur, I nip them in the bud by staying as far away from the person as possible, until the feelings have gone away. And whilst this has worked for me in the past. There is no guarantee it always will. So I want to know from you ladies, what is an inappropriate love interest in your eyes? And how would you deal with liking or loving someone that you shouldn’t?



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