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Lately, I have been focusing my spending on timeless and elegant pieces that will hopefully last me a couple of years. After spending most of my money in my 20’s on trendy items from places like Zara and H1M. I started to realize tat whilst these items look good in the moment, most of them did not have staying power in my closet. Furthermore, even when buying from these stores, I wasn’t focusing on their more high end, natural material items. But as the years have gone by and my spending has gotten a little wiser, I am more aware of what I buy and think about how long I want it to last me.

Here are a list of four pieces I always spend a little extra on.

  1. Good denim: As a mom, denim has never been more important to me than it is now. And finding the perfect denim piece often costs a pretty penny. Which is why I like to buy from second hand clothing stores and online platforms. I also like to ensure that I am buying 100% cotton denim that will keep its hold rather than blends that can stretch out and look outdated fast
  2. Knitwear: As a South African living in France, I never understood the purpose of good knitwear. But now I know better with slightly colder weather that a good knit can be the difference between suffering all winter, or feeling cold and grumpy all winter long.
  3. Flat shoes: As a heel lover, I never thought the day would come when I was more concerned with comfort than style. one the less I now know that good footwear can make or break my day (and outfit). From ballet flats, to good trainers. Owning and investing in timeless flats helps keep me feeling confident and ready to tackle the day.
  4. Timeless jewelry: Nothing makes me feel more put together than putting in a pair of earrings everyday. I feel like no matter what I am wearing, adding some hoops or dainty earrings helps to make my outfit. Which is why these days my birthday wish list only includes good quality, sustainable jewelry that I can wear ever single day. This doesn’t mean breaking the bank either as some pieces are not too expensive and often go on sale.

What are some pieces you dont mind investing in?



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