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If it feels like we talk about skin care and skin alot, it is probably because we do. In part because information on managing melanin skin tones is limited, but also because we prescribe by the idea that when you look good you feel good. As seeing as skin is the biggest organ on the body. It only feels right that we give you the tools and information to take care of it. Whilst this article focuses on the face. The principles can also be applied to the rest of your skin like on your body. So take notes and let us know what has worked for you and what hasn’t.

  • Dry skin – If you are like me and suffer from dry skin, then one of the first things to know about cleansers is that you need cleansers that hydrate and clean instead of further dry you out. This can mean using gel, oil and even cream cleansers. Furthermore, try stay away from face wipes as those more often than not strip your skin instead of nourish it.
  • Oily skin – For my oily skin care girls, one complaint I hear alot is the t-zone. This means the area around your forehead and cheeks. So make sure when cleansing that you focus on those. Also lean more towards foam cleansers which will help control oil build up. Face washes with essential oils like tea tree oil can also work wonders for your skin.
  • Combination skin – depending on the weather and where I am. My skin is either combination or dry. Which is why I have become well versed in combination skin care tips and tricks too. For those of you who have both oily and dry skin on your face, opt for cleansers that are somewhere in the middle like gel cleansers. Or if you are so inclined mixed it up and use oil cleansers for the dry patches on your skin and a foam cleanser for the oily cleansers.
  • Acne prone skin – Acne prone skin can be hard to manage which is why before even deciding on a cleanser, try find out what kind of acne you have. Is it hormonal, because of your diet or something else entirely. This will help you make the necessary changes and work from the inside out. Also bare in mind that most of us get hormonal acne around our period, so when this happens, instead of layering tons of products. Make sure you are gentle with your skin, wear minimal to no make up, and up your facial steaming game.
  • Sensitive skin – Have you ever washed your face and have it come out more bruised than clean? Well you are not alone. This is because you probably have what is known as sensitive skin. This means most products leave your skin irritated and inflamed instead of clean and cleat. For this skin type, aim for fragrance free and natural natural ingredients. But be weary of cleansers or skin care products with too many essential oils. The more basic the product the better. Things like scrubs and peels are also likely a no go for you so instead keep your skin clear by turning to natural methods like steaming and rose hip oil.



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