Written by: Admin_SheEvo

We’ve all been there in some varying degree or other. Whether it’s around the dinner table at home, or in our heads to ourselves. We see certain foods and automatically start categorizing them as either good or bad. Now don’t get me wrong. There are foods that are proven to be better for you than others such as dark leafy greens, or even fruit and veg over sweets. However, when you start only seeing food as good and bad, I often find that the joy of the food itself often goes away. This means that instead of enjoying that treat in the afternoon. You guilt trip yourself and/or others. Which does not make it fun for anyone.

As someone who has struggled with her weight for years. One thing that I am eternally grateful for is that my mother never deprived me. Whilst some of my peers were not allowed any fried foods or soft drinks, my other allowed these (in moderation of course). Which often meant that when I was out and about, I didn’t feel the need to sneak these in. Whereas my friends did. And whilst I never was the skinniest girl in class. Looking back I was probably one of the healthiest. This was in part because all foods were seen as good food. Whether that meant good to eat or actually good for you.

So when ever I had a bad break up, my mom was often the first to pull out the ice cream and chips as we snuggled and watched movies. But in our daily meals; she also made sure to include lots of fruit and vegetables. Which meant I had a more rounded diet. Later on in life this translated into not having much of a sweet tooth, but also not kicking myself overtime I indulged. So next time you have that no so “good for you” fried chicken try take a step back and enjoy it, instead of finding excuses or ways to make yourself pay for it later.

And the same with the good foods. Enjoy them and see how your body reacts and feels with them. And in all likelihood, you will find that when you are not seeing food as punishment or reward. That you start to see reap its rewards and enjoy a multitude of foods and use them to serve, feed and nourish you.



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