Written by: Admin_SheEvo

I know all around the world with COVID things have been difficult for many people. From people losing their jobs, to businesses shutting down. It can seem like a never ending uphill battle. But as someone who went through something similar just after leaving University. I know the feeling too well. It’s easy to feel despondent when things are taking. nose dive. But fear not. All is not lost. As I have learnt over the years and as the saying goes, “life is what happens when you are busy making other plans”. And when getting a degree in anything. Most of us think we can leave university or tertiary and get. job.

But things are not always that simple. Sometimes. global pandemic hits, or there are just not enough jobs. and before you think to yourself “its over”, consider this. You have one life. To do ll that you are humanly capable of doing. So do it. Find work that may not exactly what you want but that can teach you other skills. Do the jobs no one else wants with the knowledge in your head that you are working towards something bigger and better.

One thing I did when I left university with no job or prospects was baby sitting an house sitting. Whilst it did feel beneath me. I quickly realized that just having a job is often a privilege. This is especially true in these hard times. At some point I also sold biscuits and helped my mom by doing admin stuff for minimum wage. All this to say that we ll have to start somewhere. And that somewhere might not be what you envisaged. But let me tell you from experience, everything is a stepping stone. Thanks to the skills I learnt doing admin I was able to have this job now at She Evolves. And because I was a baby sitter, one of my other first jobs was through a family friend who saw how dedicated I was and how hard I worked and I was offered my first paid writing job.

So dust off your CV, make a couple of them for different jobs that highlight your strengths in that area and send them out. Speak to friends and family friends. Go for interviews you doubt you will get. And if all else fails, look at what skills you have now and start a side hustle. Who knows, what starts as a side hustle may become your passion.



My name is Yasmine Luhandjula, and I am the Chief Editor for She Evolves World. My role is to plan, manage and produce quality, engaging and informative content for our readers.