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As most of us strive to live healthier lives, it can become stressful trying to figure out smart ways to incorporate healthier foods into our diets. As someone who is whole heartedly not a fan of salads. I have had to become a little sneaky with how I incorporate vegetables into my diet, especially green vegetables like kale, spinach and zucchini. One thing I have found in my quest is that most of these don’t have an overwhelming taste. Which makes it that much easier to incorporate them into our diet. Here are some simple tried and true ways to up your green vegetable intake without turning to salads.

  1. Smoothies: Now that it is summer in France, a sure fire way to get my greens in is through smoothies. As a workout junkie, I like to get frozen organic spinach from our grocery store and blend this in to my morning banana peanut putter protein smoothie. Not only am I unable to taste the spinach. But I am able to ensure that I got my greens in first thing in the morning which makes eating throughout the day a little less stressful.
  2. Sauces: One way I like to trick my daughter into eating her greens too, is by adding them into sauces. I like to do this by adding finally chopped greens into tomato sauces (they end up looking like herbs), or grating zucchini into pesto sauce (which is  one of the only green sauces she likes and eats).
  3. Baked goods: In our house baked goods are a staple. Which is why when it is my turn to make them, I like to turn to trust pancakes. My favorite recipe to make is banana oat muffins with half gluten free pancake mix made with almond flour, and regular pancake mix. I blend all this up with my banana’s, oats, milk and eggs and of course ly trust greens. Deepening on what I have on hand I like to either use kale or spinach for these.
  4. Fries: I can honestly say that my life was never the same since I tasted zucchini fries. When made right, these green fried strips of goodness can be delicious and make you forget that they are made of zucchini. There are tons of recipes and interpretations of them online and honestly the taste depends on you and what flavor profiles you like.
  5. Bread: Like the pancakes, incorporating greens is bed is an easy and sure fire way to get everyone getting their daily greens in. Personally I like to add kale to sourdough bread or good old spinach to banana bread.

What are some ways you incorporate more greens into your diet?




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