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If you are like me, then getting in a sweat session every so often is high up on your to do list. But if you are also like me, then it is likely that some days your sweat session can get very….sweaty. Which is why knowing how to clean your workout clothes is imperative if not necessary. As someone who enjoys doing laundry (I find it therapeutic), I didn’t take me too long to workout the winning formula for making workout clothes smell like new. The recipe is a simple one and works every time. Not only that but it ensures all the elastic found in most gym clothes stays looking and feeling like new for longer.

So what is my secret recipe? Vinegar. White vinegar to be exact and cold water. While most of us might be tempted to wash workout gear in hot water to get rid of smell. The reality is the hot water can damage the clothes. Which is why I like to run a cold cycle. I start by sorting gym gear into their own pile. This is because unlike your other clothes. washing gym gear can prove to be tricky. Which is why ensuring it is separated is a must. I then throw the load into the machine. Load up detergent in the first cycle, then either do a mix of white vinegar and fabric softener for the rinse cycle, or just white vinegar. Either one will do the trick of getting any left over smell out.

Another important step in this whole process is ensuring that you use the cold cycle. Personally I use the cold cycle on most of my loads to preserve the color of my garments but also the elasticity. Once the wash is done, hang clothes up outside and let dry. Air drying also helps with keeping the form and once again helping to air out the clothes. If you do find your clothes are still a bit stinky. Then I suggest running a rinse cycle with cold water and just vinegar and that should do the trick. And if possible try to clean clothes within a couple of days of using them so the sweat isn’t imbedded into your clothes.




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