Written by: Admin_SheEvo

January is side hustle month at She Evolves. With so many of us living paycheck to paycheck. We thought it a good idea to explore the idea of the side hustle. Not sure what a side hustle is? A side hustle is a job you do on the side of your main job to help make you extra income. It can be anything you are good at or already have the skills for. From baking, photographing weddings on weekends, selling second-hand clothes or even writing or editing. The idea of a side hustle is to help you supplement your primary income and help you reach your financial goals.

As the queen of side hustle, I can say with all honesty that I have had more than one job for several years now. In part because I get bored easily, but also because it helps me explore different parts of myself and what I love. For instance, as of this month, I will start selling African homeware and relics in France to help pay for my daughter’s school fees. This will be to supplement my existing income and ensure that I reach all my financial and personal goals for 2022. Which includes being more financially present and savvy.

So get out your notebook and start thinking of creative ways you can start making money on the side. Let your imagination run wild but also be practical about how much time you have in a day to focus on your side hustle. After all, the point of a side hustle is that it does not take you away from your day to day job or daily responsibilities. It should be something you can do in your free time.



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