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What is this veil covering your eyes?
Who is the one telling you these lies?
Why are you allowing these negative thoughts to linger?
Can’t you see who you are becoming?
Letting the hands and opinions of others decide your fate.
Your path is like no other, yet you seek direction outside of yourself.
You see the light in others and wish it were yours.
You are belittling your crown.
You are wandering further from your truth.
You need to look into your soul’s mirror.
It’s been screaming for your attention while you daydream of the illusion of another’s light.
Why not seek the stillness within your being?
Quench the thirst of wanting and longing,
Fill it with the aroma and beauty of your essence,
Sit with the confusion the journey brings,
Meditate on the clarity that purifies your mind,
Allow your shadow to reveal its form and welcome it with acceptance.
Don’t force it to merge with the light.
The light absorbs the darkness and doesn’t become it.
Embrace your being in all its glory, a long-awaited awakening.
Breathe easy. You are enough. You are your home.

By Mosun Mewase

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December 21, 2022