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I feel like society has failed to romanticize and celebrate black love. I think, as black people, we need to free ourselves from the shackles of viewing romantic love as it has been portrayed by media and society. Of course, there is no standard for how people should view love. However, the media has lowkey, or even high-key set a standard that many of us follow. Unfortunately, this standard does not necessarily promote diversity and representation (these are just my views and opinions).

I think black love is underrepresented in many ways and is often portrayed in a negative or stereotypical light. Celebrating black love promotes positive images of black people, especially on Valentines day. This day is meant to be inclusive, but I don’t think it is. Baby cupid doesn’t look like me, romcoms don’t always have people that look like me, sexy valentines day lingerie models also don’t look like me.

So I think that on this day, we need to highlight the stories of black couples by giving them a voice and a space to express their love. In addition, black relationships have often been subjected to harmful stereotypes, such as dysfunctional or relationships that are prone to conflict. Celebrating black love can challenge these stereotypes by showcasing positive examples of black love and relationships. For example, highlighting the strong and loving relationships between black celebrities, such as Jay-Z and Beyonce, Michelle and Barak Obama, can counteract harmful stereotypes and promote a positive representation of black love.

Showcasing positive examples of black love can empower the black community by promoting pride and self-esteem. It can also inspire black people to strive for healthy and loving relationships, fostering a sense of community and support. When the media highlights successful black relationships, others can be encouraged to strive for similar love. For example, black couples who openly share their love stories and experiences have inspired me to prioritize love and relationships. It is easier to relate to people who look like me.

Celebrating black love should become normalized and accepted as a valid and valuable form of love. This will create a more inclusive and diverse society where passion is recognized and valued, regardless of race.

So on this valentines day, I will celebrate, romanticize and embrace black love!

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February 10, 2023
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