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In the fast-paced world of business, I’m seeing a movement that is changing the way people work together and think about change. We Black women don’t just work together; we also have a strong bond that helps us grow and change. During this effort, we’ve found that helping each other makes our views stronger. Each woman’s point of view is valued, and her thoughts are taken into account. Our joint wisdom grows in the boardrooms. Our success is driven by how well our ideas fit together.

The most important part of our plan is mentoring. Black women in higher positions of power who are successful share their knowledge with those of us who are younger to the business world. It’s a powerful admission of how important representation is. Seeing someone whose journey is similar to ours in a place of power makes us want to work harder and gives us more confidence in ourselves.

Still, we are related in more ways than just work. We celebrate each other’s achievements with great joy, whether they are big or small. These events bring us closer together and remind us of the fights we’ve won. They also show us that our successes aren’t ours alone, but are shared.

Our network goes well beyond the walls of our building. Conversations that go on late into the night, early-morning planning sessions over coffee, and group trips that give us a break from work are all ways to build relationships and show that we’re all in this together. We choose teamwork over competition, disproving the idea that there are only so many ways to be successful. Our wins together debunk this myth and show how strong our unity is and how long-lasting our shared goals are. As leaders of change, supporters of growth, and creators of a new story, our power, intelligence, and unbreakable union are a beacon of hope for Black girls who are just starting out in the business world.

With every step we take, we prepare the way for those who will come after us. Our goal is to make sure that their way is paved with support, empowerment, and an unwavering commitment to greatness. By working together, we make a world where there are no limits to what we can do and where working together moves us forward.

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    September 4, 2023

    As black woman in corporate positions I think we really need to work together instead of working against each other. I really like the aspect of teamwork over competition. We are not competing with each other. My story, my skills, my experience, my background is different to yours and that should not threaten you. It should inspire you to work with me and not against me (vis versa).



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