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I was born into a large extended family, and despite being the third child, I received a lot of love from my father. However, this love made other family members reject me, and I often felt lonely when he wasn’t around. This led me to believe that everyone disliked me, even though I cared for them deeply. Primary school was challenging due to my family background, which resulted in low self-esteem. I also faced taunting from others who were better off. Amidst these difficulties, I witnessed domestic violence and threats of sexual assault, which further intensified my anxiety. I joined a group of peers considered “bad” in primary school because they were accepting, but my academic performance suffered, prompting my dad to step in and remove me from the group.

My father, while loving, had flaws, and his frequent fights with my mother, late-night departures, and the introduction of a younger stepmother after my mother left took a toll on my emotional well-being. He began making hurtful accusations against me.

Though he consistently paid our tuition fees, I used this opportunity to strive for attention from others, particularly during my university years. My desperate need for love and care led me into short-lived and intense relationships, leaving me heartbroken. To make ends meet, I engaged in unconventional activities like seeking financial help from men, which contributed to my isolation, anxiety, and low self-esteem. I was hesitant to ask for help, and a friend’s comment that “she’ll realize no one wants to help her” only reinforced my self-reliance.

My situation worsened, affecting my university studies, while my friends were set to graduate. But slowly, I began to understand that I had the power to change my life. I learned that self-love was crucial before seeking love from others. Through reading and listening to sermons, I realized that I could change myself and take control of my life. I am now focused on self-improvement and advocating for girls and young women facing similar challenges.

My journey has been challenging, spanning family dynamics, friendships, education, work, relationships, spiritual growth, depression, and mental health. Despite the difficulties, I remain determined to succeed. When I encountered the statement “she’ll realize no one wants to help her,” I used it as motivation to seize control of my life because, ultimately, I am responsible for my future.

Today, I’m an advocate for girls and young women who have experienced similar struggles. I’m working diligently to change my circumstances and look forward to sharing stories of success in the future. My message is simple: don’t give up, no matter how tough life may be. I’ve endured days of hunger and adversity, but I’m excited about the possibilities ahead. While I’m currently in uncertain living situations, I am committed to personal growth. Remember, you have the power to change your own life.

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    November 9, 2023

    Thank you for sharing this. This is so inspiring!



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