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As the end of the year draws to a close, I always wonder how to approach the New Year. I like to start the year filled with the possibilities of the unknown and allow the year to unfold. I gave up on New Year’s resolutions long ago. Somehow, the changes I want to make in my life should be able to happen whenever and are not bound to a date. There is an added expectation when it comes to the New Year. So, I have avoided having conversations around New Year’s resolutions. But recently, I came across some questions which changed my thinking, and they have allowed me to reflect and consider the year that has been and the shifts I would like to take place. Right now, the world feels very shaky, with a lot of turmoil, angst and instability in many countries. As life is moving at an unprecedented pace, it’s hard to feel the security of the ground we walk on. More than ever, I need to be mindful of where I stand and be aware of what supports my stability.

I want to share these with you, and I hope they spark ideas, thoughts and opportunities for how you would like to journey through 2024.

Question 1:  What do you hope for this coming year that differs from other years?

It makes me think of the hopes I have held close and whether they still have the same meaning. It is an opportunity to look at what one hopes for and challenge oneself to ask if this hope can be realized. How?

Question 2: How do you want to improve your life this year?

This could be seen as a New Year resolution, but it’s not. It’s what steps can be taken to make those improvements happen. Improvements take time to happen. It is part of a conscious process to take the necessary steps for something to shift in the direction we would like

Question 3: What do you want to contribute to your community to make it a better place?

The community can be family, friends and also the broader community. We can contribute in so many ways, and they do not have to be grand gestures; looking at who we are and what we can offer to others is a gift in itself to ourselves.

Question 4: How do you want to be different by the end of the year?

This is a big question, yet it creates the space for transformation. Different can mean so many things. It could be letting go of a bad habit or learning a new skill. It could be resolving a conflict with someone or learning more about our world.

Question 5: Whose life do you want to improve, and how will you do that?

This is how we can take responsibility to make a difference in someone else’s life. It could be assisting an elderly neighbour with shopping or giving time to an organization you are passionate about. It could be reading a story to your younger sibling regularly or taking the time to help with homework.

Question 6: What changes are unfolding in your life that you need to cooperate with, and what does that mean?

Life is constantly evolving, and there are phases that we go through that we cannot just walk away from. So, how can we walk with these changes instead of fighting them?



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