Written by: Admin_SheEvo

It’s been a hectic few months. I never imagined that the beginning of a new year would mark the end of something so significant in my life. Today, I sit here with a heart heavy with both relief and sorrow, looking at all the pieces of a failed marriage. The decision to walk away was not an easy one, but there comes a point when you realize that holding onto something broken only inflicts more pain, and the only path to healing is by letting go.

The separation was a storm that swept through my life, leaving behind a trail of drama, whispers, so much societal judgments. I have seen the raised eyebrows and I have heard the gossip. It’s really painful but people will always talk and I always tell myself that “You did what was necessary.” For in the end, staying shackled in an abusive relationship was suffocating the essence of who I am. The decision to step away was an act of self-preservation, a courageous move to reclaim the pieces of myself I had lost along the way.

Yes, it’s true that this has brought shame to my family, and for that, my heart aches. Their support has been a beacon of strength, yet I can’t help but feel the burden of disappointment that this has caused them. But I remind myself that my happiness, my sanity, they matter too. And sometimes, despite the pain it causes, prioritizing one’s well-being becomes paramount.

Starting anew feels like learning to walk again after a really bad stumble. But I’m not without hope. I carry with me the lessons learned, the resilience gained, and the belief that this is not the end but a chance for a different beginning.

It’s time to pick up the pieces of my life, piece by piece, and forge a new path, one that resonates with authenticity, self-love, and the courage to embrace the unknown. The journey ahead might be really scary but I know that it is important to go on this journey to write a new chapter, a  story shaped by my own choices and aspirations.

So here I am, bruised but not broken, standing tall amidst the rubble of a failed marriage, ready to paint a portrait of my life with colours of resilience, hope, and strength. I choose to embark on this journey of self-redemption, for I owe it to myself to create a life that is in line with my truth.



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