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Life can be anything and today I hope it’s full:

Full of everything good

Full of the love I crave
In the night time, when I’m lonely —
and my tears keep falling.
Full of the care I need
In the day time, when I’m lost —
and trouble keeps calling.

Full of rest.
I am tired, I’m fatigued
fighting to stay afloat
in my drowning world.
I am broken, frightened
waiting for something big
in my empty world

Full of light.
there’s darkness here, darkness —
as far as my eyes can see
darkness today.
color me brightness, paint me white
I need to shine —
even just for a little while.

Full of breath.
I’m suffocating, struggling to breathe
underneath the things I’m thinking about
things I need, things they need —
things we need to live.

Full of silence
there’s too much noise in here —
unnecessary noise, it’s very clear
pointing fingers at me,
pocking my mind every time
relieve me of this
make it quiet.

Life can be anything —
and today,
I hope it is everything —
everything good.

Written by Margaret Sitawa

Email: [email protected]

Instagram handle: @margaretsitawa



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