Written by: Admin_SheEvo

Hello, my name is Tshegofatso Tlholwe from a village called Thamaga in Botswana. I always tell people that I love my name because it has a deeper meaning that I live for. Tshegofatso means Blessing, and I personally feel like I am a blessing to myself, family, friends and my community.

It was after I discovered my true self that I put my name to use. In the past, I was living a sad life. I endured pain and suffering from a young age, as young as 8 years old when my precious flower was taken away by a family friend, then it happened again when I turned 11 but this time it was from a family member.

Since then, series of similar events kept happening to me, from being sexually abused by a teacher in primary and secondary school. This lead to me losing interest in school and failed my BGCSE. There was also traditional doctor who attempted to rape me, as well business men trying trick me into sleeping with them because they see a young lady in her early 20s making efforts to pursue her dreams and using money to try tempt me.

It was hard… I felt like my world was ending when I started getting sick. I had an operation that nearly took my life and eliminated my chances of having children. After I got back on my feet I tried living again. But things got worse when I got into an abusive relationship! … You know that feeling when you finally thought ” oh well, my life is starting to turn around for the better” but you just fell straight into a trap? Yes, it was a TRAP!

I don’t even know how many times I escaped death; for three years of my life, I lived in fear, constantly targeted, always thinking that my life could end at any moment. Through the miracles of the Lord, I finally survived, and thanks to law enforcement taking my cases seriously, I was saved.

Fast forward to my late twenties: as a single woman, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, learning to heal and love myself. Art has always intrigued me, so I decided to pursue it as a career. I attended workshops and exhibitions to expand my knowledge and improve my skills. My life took a turn during Covid-19 when I elevated my art to the next level.  

I created a character named Mmabotswana, my imaginary self with strength and positive energy. She supported me through tough times and loved me unconditionally. I was so passionate about bringing her to life that I began to portray her. This time, she was not only helping me but also others, guiding them to become stronger and better versions of themselves.

I witnessed Mmabotswana evolve into a business brand focusing on social responsibility, addressing issues like GBV, mental health, drugs and substance abuse, and HIV/AIDS. Through innovative concepts, Mmabotswana works to build and unite communities. She extends her reach to work with disadvantaged youth, creating job opportunities for them.

Through this platform, I realized that I am not only telling my story but also addressing unresolved issues from my past. Art saved me. Mmabotswana, as my warrior, has healed me, and seeing her help other youths who have endured similar pain fulfills me. Now, I no longer live in fear because the hero I was always searching for lives in me.




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