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Why sunscreen is always a good idea

It is a long standing misconception that people of color do not need sunscreen. And whilst our parents and grandparents may not have been avid sunscreen wearers. The idea that our melanin is enough to protect us from the harmful effects of the sun are not true. At least…

A case for seasonal eating

As the Northern hemisphere plunges deeper into summer. I am more inspired than ever to eat all the yummy produce that comes with warmer weather. As an advocate for seasonal eating. I must say that even though I would love to eat seasonally all year round. I do find…

Bite Size: Peach mint ice tea

With temperatures rising, its important to keep cool and hydrated at all times. This week I share with you a recipe for a nice cool summer drink to keep you cool and hydrated. Because our bodies lose a lot of water in summer, it’s important to keep it your drink intake high. Dehydration is when we lose more water than we’re getting into our bodies which can lead to drowsiness, faintness and heat stoke.