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It is a long standing misconception that people of color do not need sunscreen. And whilst our parents and grandparents may not have been avid sunscreen wearers. The idea that our melanin is enough to protect us from the harmful effects of the sun are not true. At least not entirely. Whilst melanin is known to reduce the amount of UVA and UVB rays absorbed by the skin. This does not mean our skin protects us entirely. Which is when and why using and wearing sunscreen is important.

As someone who came to the everyday ritual of wearing sunscreen pretty early on in life. I can tell you now that the facts are hard to ignore. Not only is my skin supple and younger looking than my peers. I have also had aestheticians comment on the overall health of my skin. This is large part thanks to being adopted by a white mother who insisted that I wear sunscreen at all times. This simple act has saved me thousands on beauty treatments and overall skincare requirements even now into my 30’s. And it is also the reason why when anyone asks me for skin care advice, I almost always recommend sunscreen usage followed by a good  eating habits.

But how much sunscreen is enough? Depending on the day and how much time you will spend outside.  The amount varies. I always suggest using sunscreen on daily as part of your morning skincare routine. And applying a pea size amount on top of your face cream and serums. Personally I use SPF30 as I work indoors. However on occasion when I am outdoors, I use SPF50 and tend to apply it not just on my face but also on my body. I also like to apply it at least twice (especially when I am at the beach or am outside for longer than 4 hours).

Sunscreen is not only great for protecting your skin against prelature aging. But in preventing sun spots, skin cancer and sunburn. So what ever your stance on sunscreen. It is a good idea to educate yourself and try it before you completely discount its effectiveness.



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