Written by: Admin_SheEvo

With summer in the Northern hemisphere fast approaching. I have been researching sunscreen brands for women of colour. Because let’s face it. Not too long ago, sunscreen was only deemed worthy if it left a white film on your face. Which is something you don’t want as a non-white woman. Which is why I asked some of my richer melanin friends what sunscreen brands they swear by for sun protection and no white sheen.

  • Supergoop Defense Refresh (Re)setting Mist SPF 40: This brand is my personal go to. Not only does it come in a range of SPF for everyone. But is clear consistency is perfect for all skin tones and layering under or on top of makeup. The best thing about their defense refresh is that it comes in a spray bottle which makes reapplication easier.
  • Glossier invisible shield: When cool girl brand glossier came out with its own brand of sunscreen many were not sure. But after trying it a few times and hearing rave reviews I am sold. Like supergoop, glossier’s sunscreen is great for not leaving your face with a white sheen whilst also protecting you from the sun. The size and texture are an added bonus as you feel it hydrating your skin while protecting it.
  • Fenty Skin Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen: Incase you needed even more convincing that even dark skin girls need SPF, look no further than Fenty Skin where founder Rihanna made sunscreen application easier by mixing it with a daily moisturizer.



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