Written by: Phindile Le Bris Sithole-Spong

The change of season is officially upon us and if you are like me, you are already making the necessary preparations. For those of us in the northern hemisphere. This means doing the dreaded but necessary spring cleaning and changing out winter coats and clothes, fro lighter clothing. For those in the Southern hemisphere, it means doubling down on the layers and getting ready for winter. With the world still at a tail spin due to COVID, it may seem pointless to do some of the work and preparation that you do for the new season. However if there is one thing I am not skipping it is the change up of my skincare routine.

And whilst going out is still a luxury few of us can get to enjoy. Having good skin is something we can all focus on a little more now that we have more time. Below are some skincare swaps to make depending on what season you are going into.

Going into warmer weather

If you are going into warmer weather then one of the first and most obvious changes would be to add some SPF (or higher SPF to your regiment). Personally I like to use a SPF 20-30 during the cold winter months, and switch this up to a 30-50 during the warmer months. And even though many of us may still be indoors this summer. Using a good SPF is still important. Especially given the UVA and B rays that come through windows and doors. Furthermore SPF helps stop the skin from aging prematurely. I also like to find a good and easy SPF for my body for when I do venture out. For darker skin tones, I would suggest a clear SPF so as not to have a white washed looked.

One of the other changes I like to make in the warmer months is to switch out my gel and or oil cleanser for a foam cleanser. As someone with combination skin. I find that the warmer months tend to leave my skin a bit oily in my T zone. Which is why a foam cleanser comes in handy as it not only cleanses the face. But also reduces oil production.

The last skincare change I like to make when going into warmer months is my makeup. Whilst I must admit that I have been wearing less and less makeup over the past year. When I have, I usually stick to gel and liquid formulas. But with the coming heat and with it sweat and oil build up, I like to switch out some of my products for powders, which tend to help with the oiliness and sweat.

Going into colder weather

Colder weather is all about moisture. And for us darker skin girls we can use as much moisture as we can get. Which is why the first thing to focus on when switching up your skincare routine for colder months is MOISTURE. Personally I like to add  an oil cleanser to my routine as it helps nourish my skin whilst cleaning it.

The second switch I like to make is change up my moisturizer. This usually means reaching for a thicker and creamer moisturizer that will help keep the cold at bay and nourish my skin. Another cold weather skincare trick I like to use is having my humidifier on full blast throughout the day and night. As someone who gets cold easily, I usually find myself blasting the heating which dries the air. I like to counter this with a humidifier with a few drops of essential oils.

One of the last switches I like to make is turning the heat down on my showers and baths. Whilst I love a hot shower and bath as the next person. Turning down the temperature a little is a good way to save my skin. If you feel brave enough, I would suggest switching our your hot showers and baths all year round for an overall refreshed feeling.






Phindile Le Bris Sithole-Spong

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