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Having a relaxing place to lay down every night is not just important but necessary. With all the stresses we face during the day, it is nice to know you can have a place to decompress and feel safe. Here are our tips for creating a relaxing atmosphere for your bedroom no matter the size;

Remove all technology: As someone who loves to watch movies before bed this is one that took me a while to get used to, but making sure to remove electronics from the bedroom not only ensured that I fell asleep faster but also that when I woke up I didn’t automatically reach for my computer or cellphone.

Get sheets you love: Getting sheets you enjoy looking at not only helps to create a relaxing space but it also can help lift your mood. Personally I enjoy white or dark blue sheets as I find the look calming and pretty.

Get a plant: This one is optional but getting some greenery in your room not only helps to naturally detoxify the air but also helps to calm your nervous system. Try adding a snake plant or a pathos plant to your room for some colour and natural air clearing properties.

Invest in a good pillow: Whilst having a good mattress is a given, a less expensive but necessary upgrade to your bedroom is a good pillow. Choose the firmness of the pillow depending on how you sleep. If you sleep on your stomach opt for a low or no pillow, whilst side sleepers should go for medium thickness pillows to support the neck and spine and back sleepers should either get a neck roll pillow that fits just under your neck or a low pillow with another underneath your legs.

What are some ways you make your bedroom more relaxing?



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October 3, 2020