Written by: Admin_SheEvo

“Letting go” and “moving on” are two very simple but very powerful words. They have been with me all the way through life and taught me how to let go and to embrace change.

It takes guts to let go. Realizing how heavy the past is, letting go of its weight, and breaking free from the ties that hold us back. It’s not weakness; it’s strength. It frees us from things we can’t change.

The next step is to move on. It means recognizing that life is always changing. It means recognizing that each day brings new opportunities. Moving on is a sign of self-love and our ability to change.

I have learned that the past doesn’t define me through these easy but important actions. It shapes my journey but doesn’t tell me where to go. I am brave by taking these steps toward a happier and freer life.



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