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If you have ever struggled to find your perfect shade of foundation or concealer you are not alone. Until recently makeup brands had very little variety for a diversity of skin shades and finding your perfect shade was almost impossible. Especially if you were very fair or very dark. Which is why we are happy things are taking a turn for the better with makeup brands diversifying their shades and having more representation. Here are some brands we love for their wide selection of colour options;

  1. Fenty Beauty: In many ways Fenty Beauty was the catalyst for a lot of the change we are seeing today in the beauty industry. Which is why this is our go to brand. With over 40 shads of foundation and concealer at its launch, Fenty Beauty caters for a wide variety of skin tones from fair to dark.
  2. Imani Skin: Founded by former model Imani. This makeup brand is not as well known as Fenty but has been catering to darker skin tones for many years now. Not only does it have a great selection of foundations but other makeup products too.
  3. Lancome: With Lupita Nyong’o as one of its brand ambassadors. Lancome has fully embraced all skin tones with its wide variety of foundations and concealers.
  4. Black-up: Well-known for its contouring sticks. Black-up is our go to for that snatched face look.

What are some of your go to makeup brands for your skin tone?



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