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With so many people losing their jobs and so many of us in need of extra income, now is as good a time as any to start looking for ways to make a little extra income. This is money that can help pay off debt, start your own business, help supplement your income or to save. What ever the case, having a little extra money never hurt anyone.

  1. Start selling your creative skills: Whether you are a great baker, or a dope graphic designer. Putting your kills on the market is a great way to make money. The great thing about social media is that you don’t even need a website to get started. Simply start offering your product or service on social media to your friends and family. Just make sure to price yourself correctly so that you end up making money instead of losing it.
  2. Apply for weekend jobs: In University I had three jobs at any given time. One of them was a weekend job at the apple store. This allowed me to pay my rent and pay my way through university all on my own. Check online for any weekend or temp jobs you can do. This can seem disheartening to work all week and on weekends but remind yourself why you are working so much and when that pay check comes in at the end of the month you will be grateful you worked.
  3. Rent out a room in your house/apartment: If you happen to rent or even pwn an apartment or house with more than one bedroom why not rent it out? Especially if you live alone. This can help put money in your pocket and also be a great way to cut down on household bills which you can share with your new tenant.

Whilst these are not the only ways to make money, they are quick and effective. What ever you decide, make sure you remember why you are making the money and use the extra income wisely. What are some ways you have made extra income in the past?




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