Written by: Manchadi Kekana

I wish there was a real viable formula to getting good skin but over the years, I realized that skin is much like a relationship you want to work; it requires time and patience.

I would be amiss to not mention that I have always moisturized my skin and used sunscreen – something I was taught by my grandmothers and mother.

With that being said, I experienced the worst adult acne at 23. I knew it was a possibility because my mother had adult acne but having managed to come out unscathed as a teenager, with beautiful glowing skin, I was certain it would be that way forever – this couldn’t be further from the truth.

When you have acne, you are willing to take and try anything to help with the breakouts, I was sourcing advise from everywhere but a doctor or dermatologist. I figured there was no need and luckily, in my case the need never arose save for going on Yaz for a number of reasons which included my skin. It helped with reducing the breakouts but my skin was dry and sensitive.

After trying a number of products with very little success, I decided to stop using them all – yes you read that right, I decided that I would quit it all and give my skin some reprieve.

Repairing skin

I kept it simple, I washed my skin with dove soap, toned with cold water, moisturized with fragrance free aqueous cream and used sunscreen. In the evening I would repeat steps one and two then moisturize with raw Shea butter.

I would exfoliate twice a week in the evenings using the Cuticura exfoliator and moisturize with raw Shea butter (straight from the market in Ghana)

The above yielded the desired results.

Versatile Skincare

It is important to be cognizant of your skin at all times and changing your routine is important. After my skin was free from pimples and scarring (which was surprisingly dealt with by the Shea butter), the goal become healthy skin.

My skin vacillates from combination to dry depending on the seasons.

I am experimental with products but I have staple products in my bathroom, which are:

1. Olay complete care face wash
2. Cuticura exfoliator (with the blue lid)
3. The Garnier Pure Active Charcoal Face Mask (use once or twice a week)
4. Sunscreen (NB)
5. Olay complete care daily moisturizer

Hydration and glowing skin

The only way to hydrate your skin, is to hydrate your body, you have to drink water. All day, everyday – no easy way around this.

Sleep!!!! Nothing else to add – your skin needs sleep to replenish and repair.

I also decided that it is important to know the ingredients in my skincare and the Body Shop is a plug. They have the beat vegan products with no harmful chemicals or harsh ingredients .

I am currently using the Body Shop Vitamin E range.

I love, love the Hydrating Face Mist, I spray this product through the day because one is required to actually moisturize their skin two to three times during the day.

My skin is soft, hydrated and nourished.

In my Body Shop bag I have:

1. Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist:
2. Vitamin E Moisture Product Emulson with SPF
3. Vitamin E Moisture Cream for all skin types (in winter I used the one for dry skin)
4. Vitamin E serum
5. Vitamin C Glow Revealing Liquid Peel (use this only when you feel like your skin has some dead skin cells)

I am hooked on the vitamin E range and will be using these products for the foreseeable future. I still wash my face with Olay, exfoliate with my Cuticura and use my Garnier charcoal mask.