Written by: Phindile Le Bris Sithole-Spong

I’ve never been one to follow a career path. Or a certain trajectory. Which is why the idea of following a career path has never been high on my list. After leaving University, I fell into my first job as a writer for a magazine even though I had no writing experience what so ever. Whilst I had studied english and media in University. I had not studied journalism or anything that could prepare me for what I did for the first few months after I left University. Whilst my reason for writing was based on my experience as an HIV positive woman. It did allow me to explore my creative side. And get to write for a national publication.

My articles were well received and even won me an award. Thanks to the exposure I also landed a job as a consultant for the AIDS Consortium. There I worked on a variety of awareness projects and campaigns. Something else I never thought I would do. Since those early days I have worked in a variety of roles and industries. From talk show host, to community manager and even a chef. All this to say that whilst my career path has not been linear or even traditional, it has lead me to all my passions. Or rather to hone down on my passions. Nowadays I spend my time writing for SheEvolves as editor and co-founder, as well as designing homeware. And whilst i cannot say what the next few months, weeks or even years will have in store for me. I do hope they are as exciting as the last five years.

Not only because I have been able to wear different hats. But also because I have been able to have different experiences, travel the world and follow my passions. All this has meant that instead of living to work, I have been working to live. And whilst I’m one of the lucky few who has been able to do what they love. I know this is not practical or even possible for everyone. What is possible however is to follow your dreams more than following money. At least as much as your situation allows. Because if I have learn’t anything, it is that no amount of money can make you happy, or give you the life you want. At the end of the day work should make you happy and excited not sad and depressed.

And as most of us work five days a week it only makes sense that we spend those days doing things that make us happy. Not only for ourselves but so that we can have better relationships with our loved ones. Be better partners and parents. And live fuller lives. I know for a fact that as someone who has followed my passions, when I am happy every other aspect of my life is better for it. So find what you love and find work that brings you as close to that love as possible and more often than not the money will follow. Maybe it will be a lot, maybe it will be a little. But what ever the case, the great thing about life is you can always change things up when need be. And find ways to make your life work for you.


Phindile Le Bris Sithole-Spong

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