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The world of influencers can have adverse and toxic behaviors attached to it. Which is why we like to mind who we follow and why we follow them. In part because if you surround yourself with certain images or ideas that are not in line with your values or needs, then it can be easy to fall into the trap of trying to be something you are not. Or worse yet, forming unhealthy ideas of who you are and who you need to be. And whilst these influencers are not for evryone. We hope you can find someone in our list to inspire you to live your best positive and healthy life.

  • @HannahBronfman: I don’t know many of my friends who don’t follow Hannah. As an adidas ambassador, and one of the OG fitness influencers, Hannah is always willing to try new things. As a new momma, Hannah has also been a great source of inspiration for other women. Especially when it comes to embracing and even accepting your new body and the hurtful effects of snap back culture.
  • @SashaExeter: Canadian fitness influencer Sasha may have flown under our radar for some time. But now that we know of her, we love her. Sasha shares cute pictures with her daughter along with lifestyle and fitness posts that always inspire us to move our bodies.
  • @ValeriaLipovetsky: Valeria is one of those rare influencers who will make you feel like she is your best friend. As a mom of three boys and bad ass boss lady. Valeria likes to document her life through youtube videos whilst sharing fashion and beauty content. But If theres one thing we think she does better than most is remind us that we are beautiful just as we are as she shares body positive posts.
  • @Yoliswa_mqoco: If high fashion is what you are after then look no further than Yoliswa’s instagram. This South African influencer is all about reminding us all to keep good mental health practices and donning the latest threads in fashion whilst enjoying the arts and culture scene in South Africa.




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