Written by: Admin_SheEvo

With magazines, and the media in general telling us that true beauty can only be achieved when we have perfect skin and slim waist lines. It’s easy to see how a simple pimple flare up can be cause for major concern. But I am here to tell you to relax. Not only are pimples a normal part of life. They are to be expected. And whilst a good diet, and good cleansing habits can help reduce the number of pimples and skin issues you have. There is no need to freak out every time your skin breaks out. Pimples can occur for a number of reasons from changes in hormones, to skin issues. What ever the case these are a few tried and true methods to helping your skin repair itself but also ensure minimal to no scarring.

  • Don’t pop or squeeze your pimple: I’m sure you have heard this advice before but it is important to let your pimple to do its thing. By leaving your pimple alone, you are allowing it to live out its life cycle. And reduce scarring in the long run. Think of a pimple like a sore. You don’t pick at it if you want it to get better. Instead you let it run its coarse and heal on its own.
  • Keep skin clean and clear: Most of the time a pimple flare up is due to a clogged pore. Which is why keeping your skin makeup free is a must. Also ensure you wash your face twice a day to reduce any more pollutants messing with your pores and skin.
  • Steam your skin: If you read our blog often then you already know how much we love a good facial steam. This not only opens up your pores but is also extremely calming. If you want to go the extra mile, you can follow up your steam with a detoxing face mask to help clean out clogged pores.




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