Written by: Admin_SheEvo

Have you ever watched youtube videos of women of all ages applying stages and stages of makeup and throwing around terms that got you both lost and confused but also amazed? I know I have. Of all the stages of make up, the two I have always been intrigued by are the contouring and baking stages. As someone with a very minimal approach to makeup and pretty good skin. The idea of applying layers upon layers of makeup never really intrigued me. That is of course I started to see the benefits. Whilst make up is not an essential by any means. Having some on, can help enhance your face and make you feel confident. Like a good pair of jeans or well kept hair, I see makeup as something that adds to my beauty instead of take away from it.

With that said what does baking and contouring actually mean and do you actually need them? Whilst this is in no ways a recommandation to apply these steps, it is my recommendations and thoughts on the two. To start with contouring is a make up step applied to give shape and definition to your face. Want higher cheekbones? Done. Want a more sculpted jawline? Done. What ever you want enhanced contouring can do. At least when it comes to the structure of your face. Personally I like to use it to enhance my cheekbones and jaw line. This is done by applying.a dark shade of creamy product on your jawline and under your cheek bones, to give the illusion of shadows.

The next step I like to do (which usually happens after applying my concealer and contour) is baking. Baking is a step in which you apply powder to areas of your face you would like to brighten. The powder is either a yellowish or light color. And is left on for a few minutes to “bake” and also set the product you have on. I like to use this under my eyes where I have applied concealer. And again around my cheek bones. Then once more around the middle of my browns. I then do my brows then with a big make up brush dust off the product as much as I can.

This leaves my under eyes looking brighter, but also helps the product set and last longer.Is baking and contouring something you ladies would or have tried before? And what other make up steps are you into?



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