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There was a moment in life when almost everyone saw me as a total loser, and unfortunately, I fell for it too. Living according to other people’s minds and expectations made me miserable, and the more I tried to please them, the worse I felt. No matter how hard I tried to make them believe in what I was doing or about to do, it didn’t make sense to them at all. Because of that, I felt broken, dissatisfied, helpless, and swayed, despite appearing lively and cheerful around my colleagues.

After a certain period of time, I realized that I should prioritize myself. This may seem egoistic, but it is the essential core of personal development. Love, trust, respect, care, and attention can’t be expressed without being felt. I had to learn to take care of my body, mind, and soul—physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, as I had a mindset that being obedient and submissive was a sign of loyalty in any kind of relationship. Raising my voice to my loved ones, objecting to matters, declining unnecessary invitations, having a limited number of friends and sources of information, and listening to my heart with logic before making decisions really seemed hard at the beginning. As Buddha says, “First arrow hits.” I felt awkward and somewhat selfish, but I learned to aim for the better. Being stuck isn’t a big deal; just don’t stay there forever. I believe in possibilities with positivity.

I’m very proud of myself right now, and I love what I’m becoming. Taking potential risks is what I do, and the funny thing is, all of what scared me at first turned out to be blockbusters. I’ve become the refuge for those who forsook me, and I gladly embrace them. Some of the friends lost during the elevating process say I have some attitude now, and I would love to make it clear to anyone hurt by such words that it’s simply a new “standard.” Birds of the same kind flock together. If they don’t stick together, they aren’t the same anymore. Your value matters the most, and nothing can change it, just like the muddy golden coin.

In the book “Think and Make It Happen” written by Curry Augusto, I discovered this surprising phenomenon: “We are the main characters of the show, and the audience has nothing to do with it.” What the audience does is watch whatever is delivered to them, despite errors in visualization or an unexciting story.

I kindly emphasize to my fellow youths to go and live the better life you have always imagined and dreamed of. Explore the world to its full potential, and most importantly, do not be scared of failure, as it is a mindset created by those who didn’t give it a try to make it better.

Written by Dativa Mugashe



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