Written by: Yasmine Luhandjula

As a doctoral (PhD) student in the field of law, there is so much pressure and expectations to write ‘excellently’. I recently fell into this ‘pressure trap’ which left me feeling discouraged, insecure, anxious and even amplified the unwanted imposter syndrome. The one thing I started implementing to address these challenges was to recite daily affirmations. In all honesty, I think that these affirmations have contributed significantly toward improving my writing, managing my writing anxiety and keeping me motivated and grounded. 

Here are 6 powerful writing affirmations that I have been reciting daily: 

  • I am a successful black woman!
  • I am a good writer!
  • My ideas matter, and are worth putting down on paper!
  • It is okay to make mistakes because I always learn from them. Writing is a learning process!
  • Everyday, I have the energy to work on my thesis, and I look forward to writing sessions and doing what needs to be done to be productive!
  • I can and I will finish my thesis! 

Do you have daily affirmations?