Written by: Mutshidzi Kwinda

I sometimes find myself repeating the same gratitudes over and over, “I am grateful for the gift of life, I am grateful for my health, I am grateful for my family, and for my loved ones, etc…” And yes, I totally understand that these are fundamental gratitudes, but I sometimes wish I could add more gratitudes onto that list. I wonder if you also find yourself in a similar predicament, where you are stuck in meditation or prayer and struggling to find gratitudes that are slightly different from those that you made the previous day or the previous week?

For me, I’ve realised that it all boils down to intention. When I recite my gratitudes out loud, not only does it sound like I am rumbling but it also feels unintentional. Furthermore, for me, reciting gratitudes has become more like the Matthew 6 biblical prayer. In other words, I know the words, I can hear myself saying the words and I know I mean every single word but, I am still somehow compelled to say more (almost as if something in me knows there is more to be grateful for). So in trying to figure this out, I asked myself the following question: “how can I glamorize or even lengthen my gratitude list and still be intentional and authentic about it?” 

The following list is my attempt at trying to answer the above-mentioned question:

  • Firstly, it is important not to try so hard. Let it come naturally;
  • Write it down. This method will highlight your growth which will encourage you to keep writing – to keep growing;
  • Making a gratitude list does not have to be a daily routine. It is advisable to take it slow, especially for beginners;
  • Be specific. When you write a list of gratitude, try to be specific,  for example, “today I am grateful that I managed to finish the project I have been working on”. It can be anything. From completing a task to starting a new lifestyle. Whatever it is, try to be specific;
  • Don’t limit yourself. Say as much as you want, in-depth and in as much detail. But don’t overdo it. Overdoing it might create that rambling and unintentional space that we are all trying to avoid;
  • It is helpful to live in the moment which will help you appreciate every little thing within and around you. For example, “today I am grateful for a nice cup of coffee.” Being grateful for the smallest things has helped me discover a magnitude of blessings. This is a process and experience you don’t want to miss out on;
  • Make it a habit. According to the law of attraction, a grateful heart attracts an abundance of gratitudes.


Mutshidzi Kwinda

I work as a writer and Facebook manager for SheEvolves.world. Amongst many other writing genres, I like book reviews, storytelling, sharing tips and tricks from tried experiences... I highly advocate for women’s health and well-being. ¿Questions? ¿Do you want to write us? Please go to our Contact page!