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Embracing the Other Woman 

I don’t see you as a threat, yet you take up space in my mind. 

I see your beauty, your warmth, your smile, the spark in your eyes. 

Yet my mind chooses to play tricks on me.

Telling me, it’s you that’s the enemy. 

Creating a false image of you, your wants, desires, and intentions.

Initiating discomfort with the thought of your existence. 

You are not the problem, nor are you my problem.

My fears and insecurities are triggered and brought to light.

It is not your burden to bear or yours to carry. 

I thank your presence for gifting me with awareness.

My self-worth isn’t tied to the comparison of your being. 

I am whole, and my authenticity radiates from a distance away.

I don’t need to put you down to feel my light. 

You and I can co-exist with the possibility of co-creating.

I am me, and you are you; that’s the beauty of our individuality.

My weaknesses don’t need to be hidden by the sight of your strengths.

I can be inspired and filter the lessons that can be learned from the experience.

I am me, and you are you. Even when we are living different realities.

I can always extend grace.

I acknowledge that you have your inner struggles and battles. 

We are alike in many ways, yet different. 

A world where they would rather see us fight each other or make comparisons.

I choose to see you, and I respect you. 

I see me, and I respect my being.

I owe it to myself to release any painful encounter with you.

We are not our mothers’ mistakes and fears, free from  condemnation.

So I choose to journey on a path of healing and restoration.

To honour my boundaries and change the narrative

By Mosun Mewas

social media handles @mosun_m and @mo.d.artist




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December 7, 2022