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Rising from dust,

From squatters and cages encroached on us;

Skins of coffee and earth-

A people of devotion for freedom

A love for the land

An ache to live- strive- and expand

A need to protect a culture and 

Pave a way for the next clan. 

The drums beat 

Every 9th October

A recount of a past,

A past rooted in sweat, blood and pain-

Of the struggle to feel at home 

In the land of our ancestors

From whence we came.

The fore warriors who stood 

Led- fought

And waved the flag of victory

Black for the skin scratching the earth,

Yellow for the life-giving sun

And red for the African brotherhood connected by blood

On this day, we reminisce

That we are a free people

And this- our motherland, 

Survived battle to sustain us-  

The pearl of Africa.


By Vannesa Birungi

Vannesa.birungi – Instagram



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December 30, 2022