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I am constantly wondering what I am doing, plus the anxiety that comes with motherhood doesn’t help. So, that day, when my toddler held my mirror, and it slipped through his tiny little hands, shattering into a thousand pieces, you can guess that I was so upset. I wanted to scream at him because why would he be so reckless? It wasn’t the first, second or third time he had broken things. Did he never learn? So, while I was trying really hard to catch my breath, he was just standing there with worried eyes and the broken pieces around his feet. Then he said, “it’s okay…” I was not sure if that was a question, or a statement, but it was so innocent, and when I looked at him, I saw my little boy, who I was trying to do my best with. And I felt proud that he knew it was okay. So, I held him on my lap, kissed his little hands and nodded, “yes baby it’s okay!”. Because I made sure to teach him that it was okay to make mistakes, that it was okay that things would slip off sometimes, and that I would always have my hands open whenever it was not okay. So, I may have yet to figure out everything, but maybe I am actually doing a good job at raising my little boy so that he can become a good man in the future.

Written by Mercy Wanja

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