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Do you remember that happy lady who took her own life? You can’t get yourself to understand how, right? Well, turns out she wasn’t as happy as you thought. She had just mastered how to get everyone fooled. Truth is, she was really fighting to stay alive. Surges of sadness would overwhelm her, so she had to force herself to remember how to breathe, sometimes, it worked, but sometimes it overwhelmed her, and that’s when everything in her told her that it was better off if she wasn’t here at all. Why did she not just talk to someone? Didn’t she think about her two children? And the husband who loved her so much? Trust me, they are why she held on for as long as she did. But as she felt like what she was battling in her head was too much to handle, but at the same time, she knew of people who had ‘bigger issues’, and they were dealing just fine… it made her feel weak. And constantly talking about how she was not okay when everything in her life was going ‘fine’ seemed dramatic. She would rather people don’t have to worry about her ‘drama’ when there is so much to worry about. Also, even if she began to explain why sometimes she was struggling to just breathe, she wouldn’t have a serious enough reason, or people wouldn’t understand (the battle was in her head, remember).

Sometimes, she managed to come out during those surges of sadness. When she did, even she was certain that she was completely okay, and at that time, she would give all the positive energy she could garner. But the episodes kept coming back; unfortunately, the feeling overwhelmed her on that tragic morning. Before she could come out of it, she convinced herself that the world and everybody around her was better off without her. At that moment, she successfully took her own life. So yeah, you may have noticed that the ‘happy souls ‘ are often the ones who take their lives, and we do not understand why when they seem so happy. Depressed people won’t always lock themselves up and refuse to speak or eat, sometimes they’ll call to check on everybody else, they’ll show the most love, playing with their children and being there for their partners, then making sure to hide when they’re feeling their worst. Let me say that it really hurts seeing depression win. So when they get the courage to let you in on their mind battles, listen to them, even if you don’t understand.

Taking ones life is a serious and complex issue affecting many people worldwide. However, it’s important to understand that suicidal thoughts or feelings can be a symptom of an underlying mental health condition and that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. If you or someone you know struggles with suicidal thoughts or feelings, please seek help. You can contact a crisis helpline or speak with a mental health professional. There is no shame in seeking help and there are resources are available to support you.

It’s also important to remember that suicide is preventable and that recovery is possible with the right support and treatment. If you’re concerned about someone who may be at risk for suicide, don’t be afraid to reach out and offer support. Even a small act of kindness can make a big difference.

Written by Mercy Wanja

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