Written by: Admin_SheEvo

In the quiet whispers of dawn, she rises,
Strength woven in the braids of her hair,
Battles fought in silent halls echo loudly,
Challenges met with grace, yet they stare.

She walks in rooms where voices falter,
With every step, she claims her space,
Glass ceilings may loom above her,
But she, undaunted, sets the pace.

From whispered doubts to open sneers,
Obstacles litter her chosen path,
Yet, each is met with a steadfast heart,
Her spirit unbroken by wrath.

In her eyes, the fires of hope burn bright,
Guiding her through shadows of the night,
For every woman who’s told she’s less,
She lives to prove her limitless might.

Her journey’s not a path of ease,
Yet with each fall, she rises, undeterred,
Her voice, a beacon for those to come,
In her song, the future is heard.



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