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Like an ode,

This is an elevation of an overcoming evolution.

From an enslaved background.

The norms have revolved to what it is now.

Eventual change we’re living in.

Still fighting while they give us reasons to give in.

Trying to damage us like that will save society.

A term that is exclusive for hidden patriarchy.

Nuanced over ancient inequalities.

We’re still fighting.

In a space where our voices feel on mute despite speaking up.

Regardless of how loud our screams sound.

Hitting the note.

Holding on to that woman quote.

Holding on to sisterhood.

To being woman.

Womb created by seed of a womb.

Not ever knowing what it means to be a woman.

To throw dominoes in all uncertainty.


To have the patriarchy’s load hung over your breasts.

Still expected to walk head high.

To say it with your chest.

To be masculine in a feminine vest.

To put up with the test.

Because our patients is being tested.

Poking at our annoyance.

Weighing our tolerance levels.

Because it feeds their egos to stereotype our exclusiveness.

To dismiss us and make up theories.

Weaved into threads off subjective generalizations.

They’re building against the support system.

Losing sight of the vision we teamed up to build.

While we’re still fighting for us.

Our knees kiss the dirt.

Syncing frequencies to Mother Nature.

Humming hymns like prayers

For our sisters and daughters.

And over these sons.


Warrior of all these wars.


What all these men still adore.


More you now and even before.


Birthed from a kind with parts that provoke their minds.

Taught by ancestors that posed their own.

We celebrate these postures.

Can’t everyone have a sculptor.

So, we snap posters of ourselves.

Recreational insta galleries.

Earth is the photo booth itself.

It was made for us.

Set with uh rays to give a glow tan.

(Talk about spotlight where my fellow hoes at?)

Creatures made with every motive lest to impress a man.

Yet they still do!

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