Written by: Admin_SheEvo

Mirror, Mirror”
Mirror, Mirror. 
Who’s the prettiest of them all? Not me. Certainly. 
 Look at all the beauties out there. Surely have you seen my crooked smile? What about my pimples? And what about my big ears? Oh how glad I am that you can only see my face. I hear my legs are more manly, far from it beautiful and sleek than those of a woman should look like. 
Mirror, Mirror. 
Who’s the most creative of them all? It surely can’t be me. Do I sing better than them Divas? I’m not sure I can even tie their shoes. Could I possibly write better than the outstanding poets out there? My pen must not be sharp enough. 
Mirror, Mirror. 
Godly Mirror, tell me. Who am I? Tell me what You see? 
Gladly Mirror answers: I Am Glad you finally asked. You finally chose the right mirror. It is not the flaws that I see. I see beauty in the flaws because I allowed them, that I may fill them with my Light.
What do I see? 
Gifting that are too many to count but you are too busy comparing yourself. 
You are too preoccupied, eyeing out the comparison mirror The worldly mirrors.
Yes, they are talented. 
Yes, they are gifted. 
I Know for I Am the one who poured into them. Just like I have poured into you. 
Who are you? 
You are my Reflection. 
Fearfully. Beautifully. Made. Unique. My favourite of your kind. 
Remember: Look. At. Me. ALWAYS. 
You are Precious! 
You are my Beloved! 
You are a Masterpiece!



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