Written by: Admin_SheEvo

Whether you love heels like me, or would rather wear sneakers all day, there are some basic types of flat shoes that we should all own. Shoes that can transition from day to night and be worn during any and all occasions. Here is our list of flat shoes we think everyone should own;

  1. Trainers – These come in many shapes and styles. Personally I like the classic white trainer that can be work with dresses or jeans.
  2. Ballet flats – When ballet flats first came on the scene they only came in one shape. Nowadays however you can find them in different materials, shapes and colors. Personally I prefer pointed toe flats which I feel are more elegant and can be worn day or night.
  3. Brogues – If you haven’t heard of brogues then you are not alone. Brogues are like the classic school shoe most of us grew up wearing. Like ballet flats, they come in a number of shapes and colors, but if you want something more classic stick to neutral colors like navy, black or dark brown in a pointed or round toe.
  4. Flip flops – This may sound like an odd one but flip flops are a good causal go to for hot summer days. Personally we like Birkenstocks which are not only comfortable but also last a long time.
  5. Espadrilles – This is another perfect summer shoe which is not only breathable but can look stylish when worn for summer weddings or country escapes.



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