With so much going on in the world, it’s good to take a moment to look at the arts for inspiration and light. Which is why we asked Gaze founder and art consultant and curator Khumo Sebambo to share five emerging artists she is excited about.

Zandile Tshabalala: I am interested  in how she approaches the topics of representation. Particularly the representation of the black women in historical paintings. Her beautiful charcoal black figures are hard to forget,

Shakil Solanki: He is obsessed with the colour blue and I enjoy this singularity. I am interested to see how his practice and use of colour will develop.

Lunga Ntila: Recognised by Victoria Beckham and Pharrell we at home have always known that Lunga Ntila and her photographs are to be treasured. The images are digital collages which make for an interesting gesture in self-exploration and identity.

Callan Grecia: I enjoy the works — they are reminiscent of cartoons, post stamps and doodles. There are elements of pop culture, fashion and hip hop in his works which makes his paintings playful. They seem ‘anti-art‘ in a sense but that really appeals to me. Callan Grecia is painting on his own terms.

Tizita Berhanu: The use of heavy brushstrokes in her works makes the emotions of her subjects palpable to me as a viewer.  I see and I feel when engaging with her paintings.