Written by: Phindile Le Bris Sithole-Spong

We can all use a bit of a boost every now and then. Which is why most people turn to coffee. But if you are like me and find that drinking coffee makes you shake and anxious, then it may be time to look into some coffee alternatives. As a working mom, I often find myself in need of a pick me up. Especially on days I don’t get my seven hours of sleep, or when I find myself with a never ending to do list. Here are some coffee alternatives that I turn to for that extra boost of energy when I need it.

  1. Try some matcha: I first discovered this green powder on instagram through an account I was following and was curious if it actually did work. Made from green tea, matcha comes in a green powder form that can be mixed in with water; almond or cow milk and served hot or cold. Not only does it have a good amount of caffeine. For someone who struggles with coffee like me, I find that it doesn’t leave me feeling jittery. The taste does however get some getting used to as it tastes like a very strong cup of green tea. But beyond that it is my go to for busy days or when I need to stay awake. Not only that but matcha is also a natural antioxidant. And quite healthy.
  2. Drink water: I know this seems silly but most days when you are tired, especially after sleeping for a good 7-9 hours, all you need is some water. Not only can water help you stay awake a little longer. But it has zero adverse effects which means you can drink as much as you want. Especially as most of us don’t drink enough water anyways.
  3. Walking or working out: I used to hate when my husband would suggest I go for a walk when I was tired. But the truth is a brisk walk or exercise can help get your blood pumping and provide your brain with some much needed oxygen and energy. The same can be said for working out which can do wonders for your energy levels.
  4. Take a cold shower: This is not an easy one to pull off. Especially for someone like me who loves hot baths and showers. But after reading this article, I decided to end my showers on a cold note. This means blasting the cold water over my entire body after my shower. Not only does this leave me feeling invigorated, but also full of energy.

What are some ways you keep your energy up throughout the day?


Phindile Le Bris Sithole-Spong

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November 10, 2020